Carefully neglected to various stages of decomposition.

  • mb (neé µb)– Plan 9 rc(1) tools for StatusNet/Twitter microblogging.
  • Discount – Plan 9 build support and documentation for David Parsons’s Discount, a compiler for the Markdown formatting language. Now part of the Discount distribution.
  • feed2omb – Ciaran Gultnieks's Atom/RSS => microblog bridge.
  • Habari – Next-gen blog engine.
    • StatusNet plugin – Shows your StatusNet stream on your Habari blog, and posts notice of new blog entries to your StatusNet stream. Part of the Habari project’s -extras repository.
  • Plan 9 from Bell Labs – Sporadic, minor documentation and patches for the research OS, along with a directory in the contrib software collection there.
  • (Microformats research)
    • Simplish – A theme for WordPress that looks very like the classic Scribbish “theme for stuff” by Jeffrey Hardy.
    • Sp – A theme for Habari, sp is a simpler sibling of Simplish (see above).
  • Werc – Testing, patches, ideas for's RDBMS-less web CMS in rc(1).
    Subpages (2): Discount MB(1) ("microbe")